About LANS

The name LANS provides a convenient way to represent the burgeoning MCS activities in applied mathematics, numerical analysis, numerical software. We continue to be part of, and to work with, researchers throughout the MCS Division who are exploiting ways to improve the effectiveness of scientists in solving challenging problems. Our name reflecs three important emphases:

  • Advanced: New technologies — numerical solvers, interfaces, and libraries — are essential to meet the needs of computational scientists. We in LANS are dedicated to exploring state-of-the-art techniques that will fully exploit high-performance computing and will lay the groundwork for new scientific insights.
  • Numerical: Our focus is on new techniques for the numerical solution of the equations that arise in scientific and engineering problems. Our research covers the complete spectrum from algorithm design and analysis to software implementation and interoperability to collaboration with application scientists in solving large-scale problems.
  • Simulations: We are especially interested in incorporating new numerical methods into portable, high-performance software and testing it in large-scale simulations of interest to the scientific community.

What are our goals?

Essential to the solution of today's — and tomorrow's — most challenging problems in science and engineering is the development of leading-edge theory, algorithms, and software. To this end, we have identified four goals for LANS:

  • Provide the theoretical foundation critical to understanding and predicting complex phenomena and to solving previously intractable problems.
  • Lead the U.S. Department of Energy in the research and development of numerical methods and their implementation in scalable, portable software.
  • Spearhead design of an integrated computational environment that eliminates barriers to developing complex applications from different software components.
  • Encourage widespread use of our software as open software by the scientific community.