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LANS (Laboratory for Applied Mathematics, Numerical Software, and Statistics) informal seminar talks provide an informal forum for the discussion of topics related to applied mathematics, scientific computing, and numerical analysis. Talks are usually held Wednesdays at 10:30am in Rooms 1404 & 1405 of the Conference Center in Building 240 (unless indicated otherwise). Please see the helpful hints for speakers.

Next Seminar:

DATE: August 15, 2018
"MultiVerse-Kriging: A transfer- and multitask-learning based approach to autotuning"
SPEAKER: Wissam M. Sid-Lakhdar, Postdoctoral Fellow, LBNL
TIME: 10:30:00 - 11:30:00

LOCATION: Bldg. 240. Rm. 1404-1405, ANL

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Upcoming Seminars:


bullet August 22, 2018, "SASSy Part III" LANS Summer Students, [more info]

bullet August 29, 2018, "Randomization for the Efficient Computation of Reduced Order Models" Selin Sariaydin, Postdoctoral Appointee, XSD/ANL, [more info]

bullet September 5, 2018, "New Polynomial-free, Variable High-order Methods using Gaussian Process Modeling for CFD" Dongwook Lee, Associate Professor, Applied Mathematics & Statistics, UC Santa Cruz, [more info]

bullet September 12, 2018, "Inverse problems in new X-ray imaging techniques: Tools, algorithms and future prospects" Siddharth Maddali Vivekanand, Postdoctoral Appointee, MSD/ANL, [more info]

bullet September 19, 2018, "TBA" Emil Constantinescu, Computational Mathematician, MCS/ANL, [more info]

bullet September 21, 2018, "Solving Multi-Leader-Follower Games by Smoothing the Follower's Best Response" Anna Thuenen, Research Assistant, Institute for Geometry and Practical Mathematics, RWTH Aachen University, [more info]

bullet October 1, 2018, "Advances in bounding methods for use in global optimization" Kamil Khan, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, McMaster University, [more info]

bullet October 17, 2018, "TBA" Kevin Gimpel, Assistant Professor, Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago, [more info]

bullet October 24, 2018, "TBA" Dmitriy Drusvyatskiy, Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, University of Washington, [more info]


Please send questions or suggestions to Jeffrey Larson: jmlarson at anl dot gov.