Seminar Details:

LANS Informal Seminar
"Aqua-planet experiments with a spectral element GCM"

DATE: April 4, 2007

SPEAKER: Stephen Thomas, NCAR
LOCATION: Building 221, Argonne National Laboratory
HOST: Sven Leyffer

We describe an atmospheric general circulation model based on spectral elements. The dynamical core was initially coupled to a simplified physics package including a moist convective parameterization due to Emanuel. An idealized aqua-planet experiment proposed by Grabowski and Moncrieff was then run on the IBM Blue Gene/L supercomputer at up to 10 km horizontal resolution. Results obtained on a 32 rack system (65,536 processors, 183.5 TeraFlops peak) achieve sustained performance levels of up to 11.3 TeraFlops More recently we have coupled the spectral element dynamical core to the full NCAR CAM physics package and have performed more extensive aqua-planet simulations. Transient space-time analysis indicates the presence of quasi-periodic precipitation structures similar to the MJO.


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