Seminar Details:

LANS Informal Seminar
"Solving massively-distributed engineering problems using nonlinear dynamics and multiscale techniques"

DATE: July 18, 2007

SPEAKER: Jianbo Gao, Professor, University of Florida, Gainesville
LOCATION: Building 221, A-261, Argonne

Massively-distributed complex engineering systems are evolving rapidly, and posing challenging problems both in modeling their dynamics and behavior and in engineering such systems with targeted functionalities. Example systems include the Internet and the ubiquitous communication
networking infrastructure, large networks of sensors, Peer-To-Peer networking and computing, and biological systems, which are being pursued as future models for complex computing engines. In this talk, I will first present a number of scenarios involving existing systems,
where conventional modeling and design techniques do not hold. I will then introduce a set of tools involving chaos and multifractals, and demonstrate how these tools can effectively model and characterize complicated engineering problems. Finally, I describe a unified theory for multiscale analysis of complex data. The problems to be discussed in this talk include multiscale modeling of sea clutter radar returns, multiscale modeling of telecommunications network traffic, multiscale gene-finder, and multiscale analysis of complex physiological data. A
number of promising future research directions will also be discussed.


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