Seminar Details:

LANS Informal Seminar
"The Non-Technical Talk I Never Get To Give"

DATE: August 20, 2008

SPEAKER: Jaydeep Bardhan, MCS
LOCATION: Building 221, Room A-261, Argonne National Laboratory

As I bid farewell to MCS and head to Biosciences, I figure I should try one last time to encourage LANS people to get involved in molecular simulation. This seminar is my opportunity to do so. Most LANS seminars are pretty technical, even if at an introductory level for the broad audience. In contrast, this talk will be almost entirely non-technical. I will outline my own vision for the future of molecular science and engineering, which (I assure you) has been constructed to be as outlandish and far-fetched as possible. While presenting this vision, I will highlight what I see as some of the most important modeling challenges ahead. In particular, we will look at the widely-known timescale problem in molecular dynamics, the "interdisciplinary impasse," and the obscenely hard discrete optimization problem known as molecular design. Hopefully, those of you who selected me as a Wilkinson Fellow will be convinced that your decision was worthwhile.


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