Seminar Details:

LANS Informal Seminar
"Boltzmann Equations for Nanoscience Applications"

DATE: April 8, 2009

TIME: 15:00:00 - 16:00:00
SPEAKER: Zlatan Aksamija, UIUC
LOCATION: Building 221, Room A216, Argonne National Laboratory

The Boltzmann Transport Equation (BTE) is a powerful and general conservation equation which is capable of describing in detail the transport of electrons and phonons in metals, semiconductors, and a variety of solid-state devices. It is often called semi-classical because it describes particles as classical point particles, but includes scattering through quantum-mechanical perturbation theory. Therefore the BTE is capable of describing electrical and thermal transport down to the nanoscale. New structures, such as Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs), provide new challenges to the transport modeling community. In this talk we will discuss the BTE and its application to modeling electrical transport in single-walled CNTs. We will present a simple approach to discretizing the BTE using the upwind method, and cover electron-phonon scattering and the Linear Analytic method for computing scattering rates for use in transport simulation. Finally we will reflect on some possible extensions to enable coupled electro-thermal transport and parallel implementations.


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