Seminar Details:

LANS Informal Seminar
"Shared Memory Multiprocessing and Automatic Differentiation"

DATE: September 22, 2010

TIME: 15:00:00 - 16:00:00
SPEAKER: Michael Foerster , MCS Summer Student
LOCATION: Bldg 240 Rm 4301, Argonne National Laboratory

OpenAD is a tool for automatic differentiation (AD) of numerical computer programs. The standardized OpenMP programming interface can be used to define parallel code regions inside of C, C++ or Fortran code. Until now OpenAD takes no advantage of given OpenMP pragmas inside of input code. This work should get OpenAD to process OpenMP pragmas and to exploit the knowledge
about the parallelism inside the input code.

We will go through the different phases wherein OpenAD transforms its input code per forward or per reverse mode. Especially the reverse mode must be considered according to data flow reversal. Therefore we will consider an example to illustrate the concepts.


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