Seminar Details:

LANS Informal Seminar
"EBMesh: An Embedded Boundary Meshing Tool"

DATE: November 3, 2010

TIME: 15:00:00 - 16:00:00
SPEAKER: Hong-Jun Kim, Postdoctoral Appointee, MCS
LOCATION: Bldg 240 Conference Center 1404-1405, Argonne National Laboratory

This talk describes a method for constructing Cartesian meshes for embedded boundary algorithms by using a ray-tracing technique. In this approach, each mesh cell is distinguished as being inside, outside, or on the boundary of the input geometry, which is determined by firing rays parallel to x/y/z coordinates. The most expensive process of the embedded boundary mesh generation, an edge-geometry intersection test, is performed for the group of edges on a fired ray line together, which decreases the computational complexity of the whole method significantly. Produced boundary cells also have edge-cut fraction information and volume cut fraction information for each material. This work is implemented to be enable to directly import various CAD-based solid model formats and as an open-source code to be used easily in many engineering simulation fields.


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