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March 20, 2012
"Argonne researchers release toolkit for solving large-scale optimization applications"
Large-scale optimization problems arise in many applications, including nuclear reactor simulation, fluid dynamics, parameter estimation, and optimal control. Researchers seeking to solve such problems on high-performance architectures have faced numerous challenges, ranging from scattered support for parallel computation and lack of reuse of linear algebra software to the reality of working with large, often poorly structured legacy codes for specific applications...

December 15, 2011
"Formal Analysis of MPI-based Parallel Programs"
Formal methods can play an important role in debugging and verifying MPI applications. Here, we describe existing techniques, including their pros and cons, and why they have value beyond MPI, addressing the general needs of future concurrency application developers who will inevitably use low-level concurrency APIs.
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November 29, 2011
"Argonne's Barry Smith and Lois Curfman McInnes Win E.O. Lawrence Award"
Argonne National Laboratory researchers Barry Smith and Lois Curfman McInnes have been named winners of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Ernest Orlando Lawrence Award, which honors midcareer scientists and engineers for exceptional contributions in research and development...
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October 11, 2010
"Todd Munson Named Senior Fellow of the Computation Institute"
Todd Munson, a computational scientist in Argonne’s Mathematics and Computer Science Division, has been named a senior fellow of the University of Chicago/Argonne National Laboratory Computation Institute...

September 29, 2010
"BuildingIQ makes Argonne smarter about energy management"
Argonne assistant computational mathematician Victor Zavala is leading a pilot project with BuildingIQ, an energy management software company, which allows him to use his training to improve energy performance at Argonne's | read more >

September 28, 2010
"BuildingIQ to Begin Predictive Energy Optimization Pilot Project at DOE Argonne National Laboratory"
BuildingIQ, an energy management software company, announced its first Predictive Energy Optimization pilot project in the United States at the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory...
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Interpolating models provide local approximations to expensive simulation-b

September 24, 2010
"Pounding away at the mysteries of the nuclear landscape"
Approximately 3,000 nuclei are already known, and twice as many could, in principle, still be discovered experimentally. Providing a comprehensive and unified description of all these nuclei is the goal of the DOE-funded SciDAC-2 project “Low-Energy Nuclear Physics National HPC Initiative: Building a Universal Nuclear Energy Density Functional” (UNEDF)...

This visualization is a close-up of a 1 billion gridpoint mesh used to simu

September 20, 2010
"Nuclear predictive"
The construction costs of a nuclear power plant are enormous, but so are the costs of research – the painstaking hours, months and years invested in analyzing the interactions of neutronics, fluid mechanics, and structural mechanics in order to predict the behavior of the reactor throughout its lifetime...
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September 20, 2010
"Winding path leads to fluid career"
Paul Fischer's fascination with science, mathematics and engineering have landed him in a position to work with the world's most powerful computers.
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February 17, 2010
"Optimization server reaches 2 million milestone"
NEOS, the Network-Enabled Optimization System developed by researchers at Argonne National Laboratory in conjunction with Northwestern University, has reached a new milestone: two million submissions to its optimization software...
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January 14, 2010
"Argonne researcher named SIAM Vice President for Programs"
Sven Leyffer, a computational mathematician in Argonne’s Mathematics and Computer Science Division, has been named Vice President for Programs for the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM)...

November 3, 2009
"Argonne Staff Engaged in SC09 Activities"
Argonne National Laboratory staff will be presenting a wide variety of papers, workshops, Birds-of-a-Feather sessions, tutorials, and posters at SC09 on November 14-20 in Portland, Oregon.

In addition to the participation in the technical program, an array of speakers, electronic posters and research highlights will be displayed at the Argonne exhibit.
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July 21, 2009
"PETSc Wins 2009 R&D 100 Award"
Researchers from Argonne National Laboratory's Mathematics and Computer Science Division received an R&D 100 award for PETSc, high-performance software for engineering and science. Judged by R&D magazine, the awards recognize the top scientific and technological innovations of the past year...
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Sven Leyffer

May 18, 2009
"Leyffer named SIAM fellow"
Sven Leyffer, a computational mathematician in the Mathematics and Computer Science Division has been named a Fellow of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM).

Leyffer is developing and applying nonlinear optimization methodologies to emerging areas such as mixed-integer nonlinear optimization and optimization problems with complementarity constraints...

April 10, 2009
"Leading-edge data analytics and visualization enable breakthrough science on Argonne's Blue Gene/P"
Most science applications that run on large-scale systems like the IBM Blue Gene/P Intrepid at the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility (ALCF) generate huge volumes of data that represent the results of the calculations...


February 20, 2009
"MacArthur Foundation Awards Planning Grant to Improve Decision-making in Energy Policy"
Led by Ian Foster, UChicago is launching a large-scale collaboration to develop a computational modeling tool that will help a wide range of organizations in climate and energy policy decision-making.

A $350,000 planning grant from the John D...
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November 9, 2007
"Argonne National Laboratory at Supercomputing 07"
Advanced computing touches almost every area of science today, and its continued integration will strongly influence science of the future. Supercomputing 2007 provides a grand opportunity for Argonne to showcase the laboratory exciting new resources and research results.
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August 28, 2007
"Wilkinson Fellowship in Scientific Computing"
The Mathematics and Computer Science (MCS) Division of Argonne National Laboratory invites outstanding candidates to apply for the J. H. Wilkinson Fellowship in Scientific Computing. The appointment is for one year and may be renewed for another year...
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ICE lab

August 23, 2007
"Institute Addresses Computational Challenges Posed by Economic Models"
ICE2007 was the third in this annual series of computational economics workshops. Previous institutes have been only five days. The expanded program provided time for informal discussions as well as a poster session in which participants presented their current research.
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Howes Scholar

June 22, 2007
"Jaydeep Bardhan Receives Howes Scholar Award in Computational Science"
Dr. Jaydeep Bardhan of Argonne National Laboratory has been named a Frederick A. Howes Scholar in Computational Science for 2007. Bardhan was one of two former CSGF fellows presented with the award at the 2007 CSGF Annual Fellows' Conference in Washington, D...
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