LANS Publications

"Performance Analysis on the IBM Blue Gene/P for Wakefield Calculations"

M. Min and P. Fischer

Proceedings of 2011 Particle Accelerator Conference, New York, NY, USA, PAC'11 OC/IEEE, , pp. 1737-1739. Also Preprint ANL/mCS-P1870-0411

Preprint Version: [pdf]

Accurate and efficient simulations will significantly reduce the cost and the risk in the design process for various applications in accelerator design. We improved capability of the Argonne-developed high-fidelity wakefield simulation code, NekCEM, by upgrading pre-setup and communication subroutines for high-performance simulations beyond petascale. We present a detailed study of parallel performance of NekCEM on the IBM Blue Gene/P at Argonne. We demonstrate strong scaling up to P=131,072 cores using up to more than 1.1 billion grid points with the total number of elements up to E=273,000 and N=15 which gives 75% efficiency at 8,530 grid points per core compared to the base case of P=16,384 cores.