LANS Publications

"First Results from Core-Edge Parallel Composition in the FACETS Project"

J. R. Cary, J. Candy, R. H. Cohen, S. Krasheninnikov, D. C. McCune, D. J. Estep, J. Larson, A. D. Malony, A. Pankin, P. H. Worley, J. A. Carlsson, A. H. Hakim, P. Hamill, S. Kruger, M. Miah, S. Muzsala, A. Pletzer, S. Shasharina, D. Wade-Stein, N. Wang, S. Balay, L. McInnes, H. Zhang, T. Casper, L. Diachin, T. Epperly, T. D. Indireshkumar, D. Stotler, and A. Yu Pigarov

Preprint ANL/MCS-P1526-0708

Preprint Version: [pdf]

FACETS (Framework Application for Core-Edge Transport Simulations), now in its second year, has achieved its first coupled core-edge transport simulations. In the process, a number of accompanying accomplishments were achieved. These include a new parallel core component, a new wall component, improvements in edge and source components, and the framework for coupling all of this together. These accomplishments were a result of an interdisciplinary collaboration among computational physics, computer scientists and applied mathematicians on the team.