LANS Publications

"Monitoring and Discovery in a Web Services Framework: Functionality and Performance of Globus Toolkit MDS4"

J. M. Schopf, I. Raicu, L. Pearlman, N. Miller, C. Kesselman, I. Foster, M. D

. Also Preprint ANL/MCS-P1315-0106

Preprint Version: [pdf]

The Globus Toolkit Monitoring and Discovery System (MDS4) defines and implements mechanisms for service and resource discovery and monitoring in previous similar systems by its extensive use of interfaces and behaviors defined in the new WS-Resource Framework and WS-Notification specifications and by its deep integration into essentially every component of the Globus Toolkit. We describe the MDS4 architecture and the Web service interfaces and behaviors that allow users to discover resources and services, monitor resource and service states, receive updates on current status, and visualize monitoring results. We also describe how MDS4 can be used to implement large-scale distributed monitoring and distributed systems. We present experimental results that provide insights into the performance that can be achieved by the use of these mechanisms.