LANS Publications

"Spectral-Element Discontinuous Galerkin (SEDG) Simulations with a Moving Window Algorithm for Wakefield Calculations"

M. Min and P. F. Fischer

Preprint ANL/MCS-P1615-0409

Preprint Version: [pdf]

We developed a moving window algorithm for wakefield calculations for our SEDG time-domain electromagnetic code NekCEM. When the domain of interest is around a moving bunch within a certain distance, one does not need to carry out full domain simulations. The moving window
approach is a natural choice for reducing the computational cost of the conventional low-order methods such as the finite-difference time-domain method [6]. However, there have not been studies on high-order methods, especially the SEDG method, based on the moving window approach. We implemented a 3D moving window option for wakefield calculations on various conducting cavities including
a 9-cell TESLA cavity. We demonstrate the performance of the SEDG simulations on moving window meshes.