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"Interface Contract Enforcement for Improvement of Computational Quality of Service (CQoS) for Scientific Components"

L. Li, T. L. Dahlgren, L. C. McInnes, and B. Norris

Proceedings of the 2009 Workshop on Component-Based High Performance Computing, Portland, Oregon, USA, ACM, . Also Preprint ANL/MCS-P1663-0809

Preprint Version: [pdf]

This paper describes recent investigations into improving the quality and performance of component-based scientifi c software. Our approach merges work on Computational Quality of Service (CQoS) with enforceable semantic annotations, in the form of interface contracts, to enhance the adaptivity of component-based applications and improve the usability of CQoS components. Component interfaces, as advanced by the Common Component Architecture (CCA) Forum, enable easy access to complex software packages for high-performance scientifi c computing. However, many challenges remain in ensuring that components are configured and used correctly in the context of long-running simulations. Interface contracts have proven to be helpful for ensuring correct usage. Additional work on Computational Quality of Service (CQoS) exploits component automation, including capabilities for plugging and unplugging components during execution, to help application scientists choose among alternative algorithmic implementations and parameters, thereby creating new opportunities
to enhance the performance of CCA applications. The integration of CQoS and interface contracts is described. Two application use cases involving solver components are also presented.