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BioMesh : An All-Hex Meshing Strategy

Paul Fischer

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Francis Loth (UIC)

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Bifurcation is very common in all natural flow carriers (example arteries, veins etc.). Most of the numerical flow simulation using Navier-Stokes equations require a high quality discretization of computational domain into 2D (Triangles, Quadrilaterals or Polygons) or 3D simplexes ( tetrahedra, hexahedral, prism, or hybrid). The selection of element shape is decided by the solver, accuracy and resource requirements. Unstructured tetrahedral mesh, although, much simpler to generate, may require large number of elements to resolve very small scale phenomenon compared to structured or unstructured hexahedral mesh.

In this project, we implement a robust algorithm to generate All-Hex elements in bifurcation and tubes arbitrary shapes arising in subject specific computational hemodynamics modelling. The key components of our approach are the use of a natural co-ordinate system, derived from the solutions of Laplace's equations that follows the tubular vessels. We demonstrate with many different geometric models, that a very high quality hex mesh can be generated in a fast and accurate way.