ADIFOR 2.0 Distribution Index

This page provides access to the version of ADIFOR 2.0 that was in use prior to June 10, 1998. Unless you have a compelling reason to use this old version of ADIFOR, please download the new distribution from the ADIFOR 2.0 (Revision D) Distribution Directory.

This index should only be accessible to users who have submitted an appropriately signed ADIFOR 2.0 license to Rice University or Argonne National Laboratory. Such users must be engaged in educational or non-profit research or in commercial evaluation of the ADIFOR 2.0 software. If you have not submitted a signed license and been assigned a username and password with which to access this index or if you intend to use this software for a purpose other than one of those listed above, then you are not permitted to download the files included in this index.

The Distribution

You should download the following files (see Help with File Downloading if necessary):

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