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Darshan 2.2.4 release

December 13th, 2012

Darshan 2.2.4 is now available on the download page.

If you are upgrading Darshan on a Cray platform, please re-patch your compiler scripts.  If you are upgrading Darshan on a Blue Gene platform (P or Q), please check the BG/P recipe in the installation documentation and note that the –enable-stat-at-open option is now recommended on those platforms.

Change log:


  • Disable extra stat() of newly opened files by default. This improves performance on shared files for some platforms. Reported by Yushu Yao.
    • prevents Darshan from reporting SIZE_AT_OPEN, FILE_ALIGNENT, and DARSHAN_FILE_NOT_ALIGNED values
    • features can still be enabled via –enable-stat-at-open option
  • Fix missing -lz in post ld flags reported by Yushu Yao. Fixes a link-time error for some corner-case applications.
  • Fix bug in Cray compiler script patches that was setting compiler flags incorrectly. Reported by Yushu Yao.
    • WARNING: if you are using a previous Darshan release (2.2.3 through 2.2.4-pre4) on a Cray platform, please re-patch your compiler scripts.
  • Update darshan-gen-* scripts to support the potential for additonal LDFLAGS or CFLAGS that appear before the object or source file in the compile or link commands. This fixes compatibility with some mvapich2 installations, reported by Dragos Constantin.

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