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We currently do not have a BitKeeper repository, but we will shortly.  Please check back for more information 

These pages are for people interested in developing and contributing to the FPMPI libraries. It is intended only for people who are experienced with building, using and debugging FPMPI. If you cannot use autoconf, makefiles, and a debugger then please don't access these pages.

Obtaining FPMPI:

To obtain the development version of FPMPI, download and install BitKeeper (free) from bitkeeper.com. Using BitKeeper, invoke the following command to obtain FPMPI. (This creates a local directory with the name fpmpi-dev)

bk  clone  bk://fpmpi.bkbits.net/fpmpi-dev  fpmpi-dev

For additional help on using BitKeeper you can use

bk helptool

Updating FPMPI:

The next time you need to update your copy of FPMPI with the changes we made (since your last update), you can do the following:

make update(from inside the FPMPI-dev directory tree)