Getting the MPICH implementation

The README is available for this implementation. The current release (1.2.7p1) can be obtained by anonymous ftp from in the directory pub/mpi. Changes from the previous version of MPICH are available.

Unix (all flavors) mpich.tar.gz http ftp 15.2 MB
Microsoft Windows
See Web Page
5.4 MB
Performance tests perftest.tar.gz http ftp 0.2 MB

The gunzip utility is needed to uncompress the Unix versions. This is available from the GNU Gzip page.

For those with poor network connections, the gzipped tar file is available in several pieces in pub/mpi/mpisplit. This directory contains compressed files for a split version of the mpich.tar file.

This is a source-distribution; to build the MPI libraries you will need to execute at least

See the installation and users manual for more information. We recommend setting at least a prefix (with configure --prefix=path).

Other Versions
Many groups have used MPICH as the basis for their MPI implementation.

MPICH 1.2.6..13 for Myrinet

Having trouble with ftp?
Some ftp clients and firewalls have a limit on the length of the "welcome" message that they can handle (1024 characters is common). If you are having trouble, check to see if there is such a limit, and if so, have it raised to 2048. Unfortunately, our government-mandated "welcome" exceeds 1024 characters.

Suggestions on compiler switches is available.

A list of known bugs and patchfiles for fixes is available (this is under construction and is not yet complete).

The Installation and Users manuals are available in hypertext form and by FTP. Separate manuals for each device are provided:

ch_p4 HTML Postscript PDF
ch_p4mpd HTML Postscript PDF
ch_shmem HTML Postscript PDF
globus2 HTML Postscript PDF