MPICH for Microsoft Windows Download Page

The current release supports tcp/ip and shared memory connections. Interprocess communication on a single machine is done through shared memory queues and communication between processes on separate machines is done through sockets.

The code provided can be compiled using MS Visual C++ 6.0 and Visual Fortran 6.0.   The dlls provided have the C and Fortran, MPI 1.2 calls implemented including Romio but not C++.

Jan 10: release changed to 1.2.5, race condition in shmem startup removed, mpiregister -validate -nocache added.
Jan 18: mpd fix so it will still work on Windows NT 4
Feb 2: new and more reliable mpd, update tool now avoids local cached copies of files, added -localroot option to mpirun so the root process can open visible windows, updated mpich error messages to include the host name
Feb 14: misc fixes - MPI_Bcast algorithm fix, timeout tweaks, robust internal thread creation
March 14: mpd -priority option fixed.
March 24: fixed mpd launch command timeout condition, more robust mpirun i/o redirection thread
April 17: misc fixes, mpiregister now outputs categorized messages: SUCCESS, FAIL, and ERROR
May 1: fixed buffer overrun error in mpirun
June 8: fixed thread race condition in mpd improving reliability substantially

MPICH.NT is no longer being developed.  Please use MPICH2. MPICH.NT and MPICH2 can co-exist on the same machine so it is not necessary to uninstall MPICH to install MPICH2. But applications must be re-compiled with the MPICH2 header files and libraries.

Instructions to get MPICH up and running:

1) Install the MPICH.NT package on each machine in the cluster.

This package contains the runtime dlls, an mpirun process launcher, the Visual C++ SDK, and the gcc SDK.   You must install at least the dlls and the launcher.  The sdk's are optional but necessary to compile applications.

Execute mpich.nt.1.2.x.exe to install on the local machine.  For instructions on installing on multiple machines over a network in unattended mode go here: Unattended install instructions  When setup is finished, it will add a sub menu to the Start=>Programs folder called MPICH.   In this folder you can find help pages for mpich and mpd and links to applications like MPIConfig.exe and guiMPIRun.exe.

This package contains the complete source code.  The MPICH source code contains the libraries and include files necessary to compile an mpi application plus all the source necessary to re-build the mpich dlls and launchers using MS Visual C++ 6 and Visual Fortran 6.  If you use this distribution instead of mpich.nt.1.2.x.exe you will not get a setup application.  You will need to read the user guide for instructions on installing mpich and mpd manually.

2) Compile an MPI application

After executing mpich.nt.1.2.x.exe, two SDK directories will be created

3) Run an application.

FAQ, Techincal support, Help, etc.:

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