Return a pointer to the next interval record in the given SLOG_STREAM. The interval record returned can be real or pseudo record.


const SLOG_intvlrec_t *
SLOG_Irec_FromInputStream( SLOG_STREAM *slog, int *irc )

Modified Input Variables

slog - pointer to the SLOG_STREAM where interval record is retrieved.
irc - pointer to the returned integer status code.

Modified Output Variables

returned value - pointer to the next interval record of type SLOG_intvlrec_t in the frame buffer. The "const" qualifier indicates that user should NOT modify the content. The pointer is NULL when the routine encounters error or end of file.

Usage Notes on this subroutine

The routine returns a pointer to the interval record of the various Bbuf in current frame buffer in the SLOG_STREAM given. The routine does NOT create new node/irec. It just simply returns a pointer to the existing one in the bi-directional linked list( an internal data structure ). If one wants to modify the content of the interval record without modification of the specified bi-directional linked node, one should use SLOG_Irec_Copy() to copy the returned record content to a new record. The routine also ADVANCES the internal pointer of the specified linked list buffer. Also, the routine does NOT gurantee the memory associated with previously _returned_ interval record be retained in the next call of the routine. So if one wants to keep interval record for future reference, one need to use SLOG_Irec_Copy() to copy the content of the interval record to another memory location __BEFORE__ calling SLOG_Irec_FromInputStream() again. The example program, slog_readtest.c shows the typical way of using this subroutine.

Include File Needed


Notes on SLOG return status code

There are 5 allowed SLOG returned status codes. They include SLOG_SUCCESS, SLOG_FAIL and SLOG_EOF. Their actual values are defined in slog.h

SLOG_SUCCESS is returned when no error is encountered.

SLOG_FAIL is returned when error is encounted.

SLOG_EOF is returned when End of file is encounted.

There are also SLOG_TRUE and SLOG_FALSE which are sued as boolean values, in particular they are used in boolean functions which are usually named as IsXXXXX(), AreXXXXX() and HasXXXXX().