Retrieve the association array of the interval record.


int SLOG_Irec_GetAssocs( const SLOG_intvlrec_t  *intvlrec,
                         const SLOG_N_assocs_t   size_assocs,
                               SLOG_assoc_t     *assocs )

Unmodified Input Variables

intvlrec - pointer to the internal Interval record to be retrieved.
size_assocs - Number of elements available for the input association array.

Modified Intput Variables

assocs - association array, array of file pointers to the associated interval records of the specified interval record. It is assumed the input array, assocs[], is big enough to hold the association array of the interval record.

Modified Output Variables

returned value - N_assocs : Number of elements in the association array returned. If the input size, size_assocs, is smaller than the actual number of elements of the association array, the return value will be SLOG_EOF and only the first size_assocs elements will be returned.

Usage Notes on this subroutine

The subroutine gets the association array of the specified Internal Interval Record. This subroutine is meant to be called once for each interval record. Calling multiple times for the same interval record returns the same results. If the return value, N_assocs, is equal to zero. It means there is no associated record.

Include File Needed