Retrieve the fields for a bare minimal Interval Record


int SLOG_Irec_GetMinRec( const SLOG_intvlrec_t   *intvlrec,
                               SLOG_rectype_t    *rectype,
                               SLOG_intvltype_t  *intvltype,
                               SLOG_bebit_t      *bebit_0,
                               SLOG_bebit_t      *bebit_1,
                               SLOG_starttime_t  *starttime,
                               SLOG_duration_t   *duration,
                               SLOG_nodeID_t     *orig_node_id,
                               SLOG_cpuID_t      *orig_cpu_id,
                               SLOG_threadID_t   *orig_thread_id,
                               SLOG_iaddr_t      *instr_addr,
                         ... )

Unmodified Input Variables

intvlrec - pointer to the internal Interval record to be retrieved.

Modified Output Variables

rectype - pointer to the interval record's record field which determines if the record is a FIXED record or VARIABLE record, this in turns will determine the number of association and the number of sets of MPI call arguments.
intvltype - pointer to interval record's interval type field.
bebit_0 - pointer to interval record's first bebit.
bebit_1 - pointer to interval record's second bebit.
starttime - pointer to interval record's start time.
duration - pointer to interval record's life time.
orig_node_id - pointer to interval record's origin node ID.
orig_cpu_id - pointer to interval record's origin cpu ID.
orig_thread_id - pointer to interval record's origin thread ID.
orig_instr_addr - pointer to interval record's instr_addr integer pointer.
... - pointers to destination task labels for Message Record ( optional ) : dest_node_id - pointer to interval record's destination node ID. dest_cpu_id - pointer to interval record's destination cpu ID. dest_thread_id - pointer to interval record's destination thread ID.

Modified Output Variables

returned value - integer return status.

Usage Notes on this subroutine

Since the subroutine copies all the fixed fields of the specified record to the input variables, the record must be non-empty. The subroutine can only be called __After__ retrieving the interval record from the SLOG file.

Include File Needed


Notes on SLOG return status code

There are 5 allowed SLOG returned status codes. They include SLOG_SUCCESS, SLOG_FAIL and SLOG_EOF. Their actual values are defined in slog.h

SLOG_SUCCESS is returned when no error is encountered.

SLOG_FAIL is returned when error is encounted.

SLOG_EOF is returned when End of file is encounted.

There are also SLOG_TRUE and SLOG_FALSE which are sued as boolean values, in particular they are used in boolean functions which are usually named as IsXXXXX(), AreXXXXX() and HasXXXXX().