Set the argument part of the interval record.


int SLOG_Irec_SetArgs(       SLOG_intvlrec_t  *intvlrec,
                       const SLOG_STREAM      *slog,
                       const SLOG_N_args_t     N_args,
                       const SLOG_arg_t       *args )

Modified Input Variables

intvlrec - pointer to the internal interval record to be modified.

Unmodified Input Variables

slog - pointer to the SLOG_STREAM where the Record Definition Table is defined.
N_args - Number of elements in the argument array. This number will be checked to determine if it coincides with what is in Record Definition Table
args - argument array, array of arguments of the specified interval record.

Modified Output Variables

returned value - integer return status.

Usage Notes on this subroutine

The subroutine appends the specified Internal Interval with argument array. For Fixed interval record, the subroutine is meant to called once for each specified interval record. For variable interval record, the subroutine can be called as many times as needed.

Include File Needed