Set the Destination Task IDs which are needed for a Message Record, i.e. Arrow.


int SLOG_Irec_SetDestTaskLabel(       SLOG_intvlrec_t  *intvlrec,
                                const SLOG_nodeID_t     node_id,
                                const SLOG_cpuID_t      cpu_id,
                                const SLOG_threadID_t   thread_id )

Modified Input Variables

intvlrec - pointer to the internal Interval record to be modified.

Unmodified Input Variables

node_id - interval record's extra node ID.
cpu_id - interval record's extra cpu ID.
thread_id - interval record's extra thread ID.

Modified Output Variables

returned value - integer return status.

Usage Notes on this subroutine

The subroutine appends the specified Internal Interval Record with the extra set of Task Labels. This subroutine is meant to be called once for each "Message" or "Arrow" interval record written to the slogfile.

Include File Needed