store the given interval record in the frame buffer and write it out to the disk when the frame buffer is full.


int SLOG_Irec_ToOutputStream(       SLOG_STREAM      *slog,
                              const SLOG_intvlrec_t  *irec )

Modified Input Variables

slog - pointer to SLOG_STREAM where the interval record will be stored.

Unmodified Input Variables

irec - pointer to constant interval record with the fields set by the user before this routine is called.

Modified Output Variables

returned value - integer return status.

Usage Notes on this subroutine

The routine provides all the core management of the implementation of SLOG_STREAM. Be sure to call SLOG_Irec_SetMinRec() at least once for the interval record to be appended to the SLOG_STREAM. Also this routine can be called in either increasing starttime and endtime order depending if SLOG_IsIncreasingStarttimeOrder() or SLOG_IsIncreasingEndtimeOrder() is called. But NOT both. And there is time order checking code if user turns on the corresponding compiler flag.

Include File Needed


Notes on SLOG return status code

There are 5 allowed SLOG returned status codes. They include SLOG_SUCCESS, SLOG_FAIL and SLOG_EOF. Their actual values are defined in slog.h

SLOG_SUCCESS is returned when no error is encountered.

SLOG_FAIL is returned when error is encounted.

SLOG_EOF is returned when End of file is encounted.

There are also SLOG_TRUE and SLOG_FALSE which are sued as boolean values, in particular they are used in boolean functions which are usually named as IsXXXXX(), AreXXXXX() and HasXXXXX().