Returns Input SLOG_STREAM associcated with the given filename.


SLOG_STREAM *SLOG_OpenInputStream( const char *filename )

Unmodified Input Variables

filename - constant char pointer to the filename.

Modified Output Variables

returned value - pointer to newly allocated SLOG_STREAM. it is NULL when the routine encounters error.

Include File Needed


Notes on SLOG return status code

There are 5 allowed SLOG returned status codes. They include SLOG_SUCCESS, SLOG_FAIL and SLOG_EOF. Their actual values are defined in slog.h

SLOG_SUCCESS is returned when no error is encountered.

SLOG_FAIL is returned when error is encounted.

SLOG_EOF is returned when End of file is encounted.

There are also SLOG_TRUE and SLOG_FALSE which are sued as boolean values, in particular they are used in boolean functions which are usually named as IsXXXXX(), AreXXXXX() and HasXXXXX().