Set the byte size of the frame's reserved space for SLOG file


int SLOG_SetFrameReservedSpace( SLOG_STREAM  *slog,
                                SLOG_uint32   reserved_bytesize )

Unmodified Input Variables

reserved_bytesize - unsigned integer to specify the reserved byte size of the frame.

Modified Input Variables

slog - pointer to SLOG_STREAM where interval records will be stored.

Modified Output Variables

returned value - integer return status.

Usage Notes on this subroutine

The routine is one of the methods provided to reserve frame space for the pseudo records in the 1st pass of the logfile. Reservation of the frame space is only necessary if the completed interval records are arranged in increasing endtime order and there is no way that user can rearrange the call sequence of the start event to call SLOG_Irec_ReserveSpace(). When the completed interval records are arranged in increasing starttime order, there is no need to reserve space for the pseudo interval records, so this routine should NOT be called. Also if user has knowledge of the start event of the interval record, like in an event based model where all start and end events are mixed and are arranged in increasing time order, one should call SLOG_Irec_ReserveSpace() instead of this routine to do frame space reservation.

Include File Needed