tao-2.1-p0 2012-07-24


Computes the objective function value and inner product of gradient and step direction at a given point


#include "taolinesearch.h" 
PetscErrorCode TaoLineSearchComputeObjectiveAndGTS(TaoLineSearch ls, Vec x, PetscReal *f, PetscReal *gts)
Collective on TaoSolver

Input Parameters

ls - the TaoLineSearch context
x - input vector

Output Parameter

f - Objective value at X
gts - inner product of gradient and step direction at X

Notes: TaoLineSearchComputeObjectiveAndGTS() is typically used within line searches so most users would not generally call this routine themselves.

See Also

TaoLineSearchComputeGradient(), TaoLineSearchComputeObjectiveAndGradient(), TaoLineSearchSetObjectiveRoutine()

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