Argonne National Laboratory

Science & Engineering Applications Software

Argonne's Mathematics and Computer Science Division applies its advanced algorithms and tools to create software that addresses the challenges critical to our society, such as life science, climate change, materials, and energy systems simulations.

Software for applications includes:

  • FOAM (Fast Ocean-Atmosphere Model) is a coupled ocean/atmosphere model that incorporates all the physics needed for multicentury simulations. It uses parallel processing techniques to allow execution on parallel platforms that are more cost-effective than the vector multiprocessors traditionally used for climate modeling.
  • HAAC is a framework of hardware-accelerated cosmology codes for heterogeneous systems, portable across different architectures 
  • MCT (Model Coupling Toolkit) is a software library for constructing parallel coupled models from individual parallel models. MCT is designed for high performance and portability and offers a programming model similar to MPI.
  • MG-RAST is a SEED-based environment that allows users to upload metagenomes for automated analyses.
  • Model SEED is a resource for high-throughput reconstruction of metabolic models
  • Nek5000 is an open-source computational fluid dynamics solver based on the spectral element method. It is actively used in the Cesar project and has run on the Blue Gene/Q with 1 MPI million ranks — a watershed!
  • NekLBM is a spectral-element discontinuous Galerkin Lattice-Boltzmann fluid solver.
  • NekCEM is a high-fidelity electromagnetic solver.
  • RGG (Reactor Geometry and mesh Generator) generates several types of nuclear reactor assembly/core geometry meshes.