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Fri, 29 August 2014, at 11:36 pm CDT

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Outdoor Spring/Summer Schedule 2014

We hope to play every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during the spring/summer. All are encouraged to have clothes and cleats ready in general, however, as someone can call for a game for any day.

We usually play on our regular field on the north side of building 200, right next to Westgate road, unless it has been particularly rainy (esp. in spring), when we sometimes play at our alternate field at Argonne Park (just offsite).

With possible soggy field conditions in spring, please specify which field you think we should play on when calling for a game

Indoor Winter Schedule 2013-2014

Our 2013-2014 indoor season is now over. It is, of course, still possible to call for an indoor game: to do so you must first callWestmont Yard, to confirm that they have a field available, and make sure you note prominently that you're calling for an indoor game. Any indoor games at this point are ala carte; the cost is $6 per person paid directly to Westmont Yard when you arrive.

Game Status: Need 1 Player

Vladimir Ufimtsev has called for a game to take place at 0:00.

The game will take place if there are at least 1 players signed up before 0:00.

The players who have signed up for the game so far are:

To signup for the game, just pick your name from the list below and press "Signup".
If you're not on the list but should be, send email to Eric.

Your name:  
Un-sign-up.   Select this to be removed from the list of players for the game, in case, for example, you signed up by mistake.
Can't make it.   Select this if you definitely won't be playing today.

You can reload this page at any time to check on the updated status of the call.

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