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Sat, 25 February 2017, at 08:29 pm CST

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Indoor Schedule 2016/2017

The Argonne Ultimate Frisbee Club invites you to join our exciting winter season. Games will be played between 12PM and 1PM at Westmont Yard. Subscriptions are available for the entire season or a per-game basis. The season typically starts 11/30 and runs through at least 4/7. (Depending on weather and interest, we can extend the season).

We will do Wednesdays and Fridays 12-1 at Westmont Yard starting 11/30 (see complete schedule here.).

Prepaid cost is:

  • $120 ($3.43/game) if you want both days (at least 35 games total)
  • $76 ($4.23/game) if you want 18 Wednesdays only (Fridays a la carte)
  • $72 ($4.23/game) if you want 17 Fridays only (Wednesdays a la carte)

A la carte price is $6 per time (same as last year).

We could use a few more subscriptions, please spread the word. (Even the a-la-carte price is one of the best indoor rates in Chicagoland.)

All fees to be paid to our esteemed Treasurer, Stefan Wild.

Any indoor games not in our regular indoor season are ala carte for everyone; the cost is $6 per person paid directly to Westmont Yard when you arrive.

You: Pick your name from the list.
If you're not on the list but should be, send email to Eric.
The email that is sent to the mailing list will go out in your name.
Game time: : Select the time the game should start.
Decision time: : Select the last possible time to sign up for the game.
If there aren't enough players by this time, then email will be sent to the disc mailing list saying that no game will take place.
Minimum: players Select the minimum number of players.
As soon as this many players have signed up, email will be sent to the disc mailing list saying that a game is on.
Fill in any special notes that should be included in the email that will be sent to the disc mailing list.
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