Barry Smith


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  • Domain Decomposition: Parallel Multilevel Methods for Elliptic Partial Differential Equations,
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  • Awards and Honors

  • SIAM/ACM Computational Science and Engineering Award, 2015.
  • Fellow of the Society of Industrial and Applied Mathmematicians (SIAM Fellow), 2012.
  • 2012 Argonne National Laboratory Distinguished Performance Award.
  • Winner of a 2011 Ernest Orlando Lawrence Award for outstanding contributions in research and development supporting the Department of Energy and its missions.
  • Recipient of a 2009 R and D 100 award for the PETSc software package.
  • Finalist for the 2009 Gordon Bell prize in the special category.
  • 1999 Gordon Bell prize in the special category.
  • Co-winner, Householder Prize: International prize for the best dissertation in numerical linear algebra during the previous three years, 1993.
  • Second Prize, Fifth Leslie Fox Prize Meeting: International prize in numerical analysis offered every two years, 1991.
  • First Prize, Student Paper Competition, Copper Mountain Conference on Iterative Methods, 1990.
  • Address

    Mathematics and Computer Science Division
    Argonne National Laboratory
    9700 S Cass Ave
    Argonne, IL 60439