MeshKit  1.0
IARoundingNlp Member List
This is the complete list of members for IARoundingNlp, including all inherited members.
baseNlpIARoundingNlp [private]
dataIARoundingNlp [private]
debuggingIARoundingNlp [private]
eval_f(Index n, const Number *x, bool new_x, Number &obj_value)IARoundingNlp [virtual]
eval_g(Index n, const Number *x, bool new_x, Index m, Number *g)IARoundingNlp [virtual]
eval_grad_f(Index n, const Number *x, bool new_x, Number *grad_f)IARoundingNlp [virtual]
eval_h(Index n, const Number *x, bool new_x, Number obj_factor, Index m, const Number *lambda, bool new_lambda, Index nele_hess, Index *iRow, Index *jCol, Number *values)IARoundingNlp [virtual]
eval_jac_g(Index n, const Number *x, bool new_x, Index m, Index nele_jac, Index *iRow, Index *jCol, Number *values)IARoundingNlp [virtual]
f_x_value(double I_i, double x_i)IARoundingNlp [private]
finalize_solution(SolverReturn status, Index n, const Number *x, const Number *z_L, const Number *z_U, Index m, const Number *g, const Number *lambda, Number obj_value, const IpoptData *ip_data, IpoptCalculatedQuantities *ip_cq)IARoundingNlp [virtual]
get_bounds_info(Index n, Number *x_l, Number *x_u, Index m, Number *g_l, Number *g_u)IARoundingNlp [virtual]
get_nlp_info(Index &n, Index &m, Index &nnz_jac_g, Index &nnz_h_lag, IndexStyleEnum &index_style)IARoundingNlp [virtual]
get_starting_point(Index n, bool init_x, Number *x_init, bool init_z, Number *z_L, Number *z_U, Index m, bool init_lambda, Number *lambda)IARoundingNlp [virtual]
IARoundingNlp(const IAData *data_ptr, const IPData *ip_data_ptr, IASolution *solution_ptr, const bool set_silent=true)IARoundingNlp
IARoundingNlp()IARoundingNlp [private]
IARoundingNlp(const IARoundingNlp &)IARoundingNlp [private]
ipDataIARoundingNlp [private]
operator=(const IARoundingNlp &)IARoundingNlp [private]
silentIARoundingNlp [private]
solutionIARoundingNlp [private]
verboseIARoundingNlp [private]
weightsIARoundingNlp [private]
~IARoundingNlp()IARoundingNlp [virtual]
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