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Mathematics and Computer Science Division
Argonne National Laboratory
9700 S Cass Ave, Building 240
Argonne, IL 60439
Office phone: (630) 252-3313

My research methodology is rooted in matrices. My interests include numerical linear algebra, multilinear algebra, data analysis, machine learning, graph algorithms, parallel processing, and scientific computing, all of which have a significant matrix component. This list is perhaps growing. I graduated from University of Minnesota, advised by Yousef Saad. I am now working with Mihai Anitescu and Michael Stein on statistical analysis of large-scale data, an interplay of statistics, optimization, linear algebra, and supercomputing. We try to answer this question: How to overcome the barrier of dense numerical linear algebra when applying statistical theories for analyzing large-scale spatiotemporal data, with the availability of distributed and parallel computing infrastructures? For other research topics that I am working or have worked on once in a while, please see my publications.