Welcome to my shed...

This is where I keep various and sundry junk, some of it is even useful. Currently, the contents are largely stuff that used to be on my MCS Home Page. Eventually, this will grow to be a set of useful links that I use regularly in my work...but like any shed, there will still be some odd and wonderful junk in it. Enjoy!

My Foolish Youth...

During my foolish youth, I participated in extreme sports .

Computational Science Links:

IEEE Computer Society's Parascope
Argonne National Laboratory's Message Passing Interface (MPI) Page
The Fortran Market
SGI Origin 2000 Optimization and Tuning Guide
IBM Power 3 Intorduction and Tuning Guide
Eric S. Raymond's The Cathedral and the Bazaar. If you have an interest in software development and have not read this article, you should.

Current Weather and Forecasts:

Internet Weather Service (USA)
The Weather Channel
Unisys Weather (Formerly Purdue University's WXP Server)

Atmospheric Science Links:

National Weather Service (USA)
National Centers for Environmental Prediction (USA)
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
National Severe Storm Laboratory (USA)
World Meteorological Organization Member Bureaus (neat clickable map!)
National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) Home Page

Earth Science and Environmental Science Links:

Centre for Resource and Environmental Studies (CRES) Home Page
Peter Lyster's Earth Science Data Page--An extensive collection of links to Earth Science Data archived on the World Wide Web.


About the "Paper" on This Page:

The background for this page is a scanned photograph I took of a section of the siding of a rusty corrugated metal shed. For what it's worth, the shed is located in Broken Hill, NSW, Australia.

Argonne National Laboratory
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