I Human Pyramids!

Welcome! Whenever there is a photo to be taken, my friends know well that I always will want to make a human pyramid. Sometimes they acquiesce to my wishes, and for posterity I have scanned a few pictures in. Take a look! If you have a human pyramid picture scanned in, email it to me, and I'll put it on the page.

Argonne Pyramids

As evidence that human pyramids are truly a cultured, sophisticated activity, I offer the the Math and Computer Science Division of Argonne National Lab. If great mathematical and scientific minds such as these enjoy human pyramids, then you should too!

[New] The wacky systems group in the Math and Computer Science Division at Argonne National Lab made this pyramid outside of my window at work! (Thus thwarting my attempt to prove an important theorem).

[New] Visiting Scientist Martin Buecker was atop this pyramid outside Connie's pizza at our quasi-weekly pizza outing.

Wedding Pyramids

Weddings are perfect times for human pyramids.

[New] What? You don't believe me? To prove it to you, check out the 5-4-3-1 human pyramid made at my wedding in August.

Here (31K JPEG) is a classic picture, where we have the groom, Seth "Not-Ben" Hogan, on top of a 3-2-1 pyramid at his wedding.

Here (57K JPEG) we see the happiest boy in all of America, Elliot "Big Daddy" Dane, in the very middle of a 4-3-2-1 pyramid at his wedding.

OK, so it's not a human pyramid, but you'll still think it's a beautiful scene when you check out the Beer-a-mid we made before heading out for the Cubs game two days before my wedding. (Thanks to Jim "don't let the long hair fool ya'" Sawyer for the pic).

Family Pyramids

My family also enjoys human pyramids. Don't ask me why.

In order to ingratiate himself with the rest of the family, even my brother-in-law Dave got involved in the human pyramid action. Here (45K JPEG) is a Christmas time 3-2-1 pyramid with the members of my family. From the bottom is my father Jeff, myself, Dave, my younger sister Jill, Mom (35 years later), and my older sister Jenny.

In keeping with the wedding theme, here (52K JPEG) is a picture of my cousin Annie (top), cousin Christian (middle left), sister Jill (middle right), cousins Trent (bottom left) and cousin Sean (bottom right) in a human pyramid created at my older sister's wedding. The photographer obviously didn't think I was attractive enough to be fully included in the picture.

The halloween time pyramid here (50K JPEG) consists of my wife Helen wearing a pumpkin hat on top of the pyramid. Also in the photo are my sister Jenny and Jill, my sister-in-law Vivian, and my mom and dad.

[New] Here (154K GIF) is a family Christmas pyramid from this past year. We inaugurated a new family member to the human pyramid making experience. You will see my cousin Beth on the second row of this 3-2-1 pyramid.

Some people have asked why I enjoy human pyramids so much. Apparently these sort of things run in the bloodlines. In perhaps the world's first recorded human pyramid, here (18K JPEG) is my mother (circa 1963) atop a 1-1-1 human pyramid.

Dinner Party Pyramids

The earliest entry to the human pyramid page is from a little dinner party some good friends of mine threw. In this picture are my former roommate and now Lehigh University professor Joe Hartman , Noha Tohamy, and myself.
Click here (55k GIF) to see a 2-1 pyramid with Noha, Joe, and I.

This 4-3-2 pyramid is following a dinner party thrown by some of my friends originally from Oklahoma. Again you will see former roommate Joe Hartman . Due to my poor scanning abilities, another old roommate Warren Hearnes is cut off in the picture. Click here (34K JPEG) for the photo.

This is a photo snapped at my friend Eric Miller's 30th birthday party. The scanning quality should be excellent, since it was done by his girlfriend and web-type person Kelley (who works for Interweb ). (Sadly I mucked it up trying to enlarge it). It is a 1-1-1 pyramid including my sometimes racketball partner Phil "Gretzky" Hurwitz , Jackie Voellinger, and myself. Click here (83K GIF) to see the picture.

Even my old college roommates were not exempt for my human pyramid ways. Click here (25K JPEG) to see a picture of a human pyramid with myself and some roommates and friends from the University of Illinois. (Or click there if you would like to see a very young me).

Contributed Pyramids

Here is a pyramid that my friends and I could only aspire to. It is an 11-6-3-2-1 pyramid! Click here (151K JPEG) if you would like to see it.

In an attempt to make me believe that frisbee players are cool, my ex-roomate Dave gave me this picture of a 4-3-2-1 pyramid made up of frisbee players. Click here to see the image (53K GIF).

In keeping with the sports theme, here (27K JPEG) is a photo taken at a Braves game last year. Included in this photo are the married couple Jackie and Elliot , half of the married couple Dave and Lori , and the unequivocally unmarried Dave Brann .

Action pyramid photos

Here is a sequence of pictures that was taken some time ago at a party at our house. In the first photo (33K JPEG) , you will see my attempting to talk our friend Lori into being in the pyramid. In the second photo (36K JPEG), she is humoring us and has agreed to be on top of the pyramid. (Also note, how we must crouch down so that she will fit under the ceiling). In the third photo (28K JPEG), we actually have a standing 4-3-2-1 pyramid. Sadly, nothing lasts forever, as the fourth photo (25K JPEG) indicates.

"Exotic" Location Pyramids"

I also enjoy making human pyramids in unusual and exotic places. Here (48K JPEG) is a 3-2 (we couldn't get any takers to be the "1") human pyramid made atop a slip and slide with the sprinkler running. Included in this pyramid are three lovely Printz women (Amanda, Victoria, and Preetam), Jackie, and myself. Look Ma! No Hands!

[New] We made a pyramid in the stands at Wrigley field, following the Cubs' amazing comeback on the day of my bachelor party. Here it is.

Next is a photo of one of my SoCal Coz Hilary atop BIGAL and myself outside of our favorite bar, Moe's and Joe's. The photo displays excellent one handed pyramid technique. Click here (30K JPEG) for the photo.