• MPICH2 -- As a research project, MPICH2 seeks to incorporate and support the latest rsearch projects that affect the performance and featurs of MPI implementations. As a software project, it seeks to provide an open source, porta ble, complete MPI-2 implementation to suport the use of the full MPI-2 Standard in applications.

  • Performance visualization for parallel programs -- To understand the behavior and performance of a parallel program, we have developed performance visualization tools that provide log files, timelines, and histograms. One of our tools, Jumpshot, has been used for performance visualization of the Flash astrophysics code and for MM5, a climate simulation code.

  • SciDAC projects: Scalable Systems Software -- Currently we have the ability to connect a virtually unlimited number of computers into what appears to be one monolithic machine. However, the lack of scalable systems software and environments has kept researchers from effectively exploiting the power of such a configuration. At Argonne, we have been addressing this situation by standardizing interfaces and components, developing a job manager for jobs written for multiple libraries, and creating a scalable resource manager.