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Argonne technical memorandum, ANL/MCS-TM-186, 1984.

Computational Load in Model Physics of the Parallel NCAR Community Climate Model

John G. Michalakes
Ravi S. Nanjundiah


Maintaining a balance of computational load over processors is a crucial issue in parallel computing. For efficient parallel implementation, complex codes such as climate models need to be analyzed for load imbalances. In the present study we focus on the load imbalances in the physics portion of the community climate model's (CCM2) distributed-memory parallel implementation on the Intel Touchstone DELTA computer. We note that the major source of load imbalance is the diurnal variation in the computation of solar radiation. Convective weather patterns also cause some load imbalance. Land-ocean contrast is seen to have little effect on computational load in the present version of the model.

Keywords: CCM2, distributed-memory parallel computing, climate modeling, load imbalance, model physics.
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