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Surface type.

Effect of surface type is most noticeable in gravity wave calculations (GWINTR). Figure 4, a plot of processor load in this routine, shows continental outlines clearly; however, its contribution to both mean computation (0.5 milliseconds out of a total of 422 milliseconds or about 0.1 percent) and load imbalance (0.5 milliseconds out of a total of 44 milliseconds or about 1 percent) is small. Other routines showing some influence from surface type imbalance are RADALB (in the radiation subtree), CMFMCA (convection), and VDIFF (in vertical diffusion). Density plots for CLDFRC and SRFFLX show some suggestion of continents as well, though much less distinctly. For purposes of improving parallel efficiency, imbalance stemming from different surface types does not appear to be large enough to be worth attempting to fix in PCCM2.

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