Cave5D Release 2.0

The original Cave5D software was developed at the University of Wisconsin - Madison by Bill Hibbard and Brian Paul for the VROOM at Siggraph in 1994. It was later taken over by Old Dominion University in late 1995. In our release, Cave5D 2.0, we have enhanced some of its features to increase its functionality. Cave5D 2.0 is now 64 bits and is ran on top of Vis5D version 5.2. Previously it was ran with version 4.3. We also developed an interface that allows users to change the configuration values without exiting the program. Now you can change these values by selecting the graphical object, then the variable you wish to change, and then input the value on a number pad and press enter. We also added the ability to select time steps to view. While viewing data in the CAVE, users now have the ability to select a portion of the simulation to view. This is very handy while viewing long simulations. We have also added some extra options that can be used in configuration files. This includes an option to turn on the high resolution topography map. We have also added the option to change the amount of processors you run Cave5D on. To see the commands for these options, please see the README file.

**NOTE: The Cave5D software was compiled under Irix and CAVE libs are needed to run the executable.
If anyone is interested in doing development with CAVE5D please contact me.

Cave5D 2.0 Download

Cave5D 2.0 README.pdf

Cave5D 2.0

Perfect Storm Data Set

Perfect Storm Configuration File

Map and Earth Topography Files

If you have any questions or comments please email me at mickelso at
Date Last Modified: 5 August 2011

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