"Clever name": a collection of I/O tracing utilities

While there are several I/O tracing libraries out there (MPE, TAU, PABLO, etc), none of them quite fit my needs.


I wanted to know, at the MPI-IO layer, which processes write how much data to what offset.

I didn't know I wanted to know that until I saw John Bauer in IBM's Deep Computing group (bauerj@us.ibm.com) present his DataView visualizer for his "Modular I/O" (MIO) infrastructure at ScicomP 14

A few weeks later Rob Ross showed me some slides he presented at Scidac 2008. Yuan Hong and Han-Wei Shen produced a graphic to show a 2D row-major representation of a dataset. (The official citation is Y. Hong and H.-W. Shen, "Histogram-based visibility culling in visualizing large volume data", OSU Technical Report OSU-CISRC-7/08-TR38, 2008). This representation seemed like a good way to visualize a problem I was having at the time.

With these motivating examples in mind, I wrote my own versions with lots of feedback from Rob Ross, Tom Peterka and Han-Wei Shen.

File format

I created yet another log file format for this: it's a series of plain ASCII lines, one per I/O operation.
rank op offset length start_time end_time
This format ends up being pretty easy to work with, but isn't very scalable. You can imagine how 100k 'fprintf' calls could end up not scaling very well. If you have some other sort of log format, it should be pretty easy to convert.



Here are our scripts and utilities to make the graphics: ioplots-20090304.tar.gz

While there might be other ways to generate the log data, I hacked fprintf calls into ROMIO. Here's the patch: romio-logging-patch.diff


Here's an example of a program that reads data out of a netcdf file:
[green-box-netcdf]" [time-offset-netcdf]"
Here's an example of a program that does independent writes to an HDF5 file:
[green-box-netcdf]" [time-offset-netcdf]"
This one gets a little crazy: we associate colors to the ranks. The svg version of this produces labels on the x and y axes so that helps make it easier to understand.


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