Teaching / Advising

In addition to my Sandia duties, I hold an Adjunct Professor appointment in the Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison Engineering Physics department and occupy an office in the Fusion Technology Institute at UW-Madison.  From there, I'm involved in various teaching and advising activities.


Since I work full-time for Sandia and am pretty involved in advising and working with students on various research projects, I don't do nearly as much teaching as I'd like (when I have time for it, I usually enjoy it!).  I've done some teaching here at UW-Madison: and have also taught a number of short courses on various geometry- and mesh-related topics (see my resume for the exhaustive list).


Although I'm not allowed to be the sole advisor for students at UW-Madison, I co-advise a number of grad students, and employ as student hourlies a number of graduate and undergrad students.  Some current and former students I'm working or have worked with: