Victor M. Zavala
Computational Mathematician
Mathematics and Computer Science Division
Argonne National Laboratory
Computation Institute
University of Chicago

9700 South Cass Ave, Bldg. 240, Argonne, IL 60439
Office:   +1 (630) 252-3343
Mobile: +1 (412) 728-8375
Email: vzavala at
CV: [pdf]

Research Interests
  • Real-Time Optimization and Predictive Control
  • Stochastic Optimization and Uncertainty Modeling
  • Energy and Infrastructure Systems
Publications and Slides [link]

  • Structured Algorithms for Large-Scale Optimization [link]
  • Optimization Methodologies for Large-Scale Power Systems [link]
  • Scalable Dynamic Optimization [link]
  • Real-Time Energy Management for Building Systems [link]
  • Weather Uncertainty Data  [link]
  • Dynamic via Nonlinear Optimization [link]
  • FERC Markets [link]