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Computational Mathematician in the Laboratory for Applied Mathematics and Numerical Software group at Argonne
Fellow in the Computation Institute at the University of Chicago
Editorial responsibilities: Mathematical Programming Computation (Tech. Editor), Operations Research (Assoc. Editor), SIAG/OPT Views and News (Co-Editor), SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing (Assoc. Editor)
I work in the area of numerical optimization and focus on problems involving complex computer simulations and physical experiments
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Assistant Computational Mathematician at Argonne, September 2010-2014
Director's Postdoctoral Fellow at Argonne, September 2008-2010
DOE Computational Science Graduate Fellow (CSGF), 2005-2008
Ph.D & MS, Operations Research, Cornell University, January 2009
MS & BS, Applied Mathematics, University of Colorado, Boulder, May 2003
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An up-to-date list of preprints is available via MCS preprints
Selected Recent Publications:
× Stefan M. Wild and Christine A. Shoemaker. Global convergence of radial basis function trust-region algorithms for derivative-free optimization. SIAM Review, 55(2):349-371, 2013.
[DOI; More info; ANL/MCS-P3097-1212]
× A. Ekström, G. Baardsen, C. Forssén, G. Hagen, M. Hjorth-Jensen, G. R. Jansen, R. Machleidt, W. Nazarewicz, T. Papenbrock, J. Sarich, and S. M. Wild. Optimized chiral nucleon-nucleon interaction at next-to-next-to-leading order. Physical Review Letters, 110:192502, May 2013.
[DOI; arXiv; More info; ANL/MCS-P4046-0313]
× Robert B. Gramacy, Matthew A. Taddy, and Stefan M. Wild. Variable selection and sensitivity analysis via dynamic trees with an application to computer code performance tuning. Annals of Applied Statistics, 7(1):51-80, 2013.
[DOI; arXiv; More info; ANL/MCS-P1961-1011]
× Jorge J. Moré and Stefan M. Wild. Estimating derivatives of noisy simulations. ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software, 38(3):19:1-19:21, 2012.
[DOI; More info; ANL/MCS-P1785-0810]
× Prasanna Balaprakash, Stefan M. Wild, and Boyana Norris. SPAPT: Search problems in automatic performance tuning. Procedia Computer Science, 9:1959-1968, 2012. In Proceedings of the International Conference on Computational Science, ICCS 2012.
[DOI; More info; ANL/MCS-P1872-0411]
× T. Munson, J. Sarich, Stefan M. Wild, S. Benson, and L. Curfman McInnes. TAO 2.0 Users Manual. Argonne National Laboratory Technical Memorandum ANL/MCS-TM-322, 2012.
[More info; ANL/MCS-TM-322]
× Jorge J. Moré and Stefan M. Wild. Estimating computational noise. SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, Vol. 33 (3), pp. 1292-1314, 2011.
[DOI; More info]
More papers
Selected Reports:
× Applied Mathematics Research for Exascale Computing, March 2014. (80 pages, including appendices)
× Report on the Workshop on Extreme-Scale Solvers: Transition to Future Architectures, April 2012. (37 pages, including appendices)
Research Coverage:
¤ 2012: Finding Functionals for Fission
¤ 2011: Pounding Out Atomic Nuclei, Cranking up the Speed of DFT, The Unedf Project
¤ 2010: Mysteries of the Nuclear Landscape
¤ 2007: Green Silicon
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 ¤ PhD students: Well-prepared students are always welcome as Givens Associates (some photos from LANS Givens fellows, summer 2013)
 ¤ Current/Recent Postdoc Openings in Nonlinear Optimization:
     Modeling & Optimization Methods for Constrained Phase Retrieval
     Parallel Multi-Start Optimization Software
     Equilibrium Constraints and Nonsmooth Optimization
     Mixed Integer Nonlinear Optimization with Simulation Constraints
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