Prebuilt Binaries

Tar files with prebuilt binaries can be downloaded from a table of snapshots where we keep archives for the source and some binary installations with version information for each component.

The latest snapshot was created on .

Installing from a binary-only tar file:

WARNING! The tar files in the table of snapshots are the result of regression test builds on Ubuntu-based Linux machines at Argonne National Laboratory. There may be unresolved library dependencies on systems that use a different distribution or version. Building the tool from the sources is therefore prefered.

The table usually has 2 versions per platform. The "base" version has only the binaries and support files, while the "withExtras" version includes examples and regressions tests; see also below under "Check the installation". Download the OpenAD_<date>_<platform>_[base|withExtras].tgz file and unpack it, for example using
tar -zxvf OpenAD_<date>_<platform>_[base|withExtras].tgz

Check the installation

To run examples from the binary tar files choose the "withExtras" package and follow the instructions in the Manual under the headlines: "One-Minute Example" and "Applications"