Workshop: Using clouds for parallel computations in systems biology


Folker Meyer, Argonne National Laboratory
Susan Gregurick, DOE-BER
Peg Folta, LLNL

Cloud providers:

Pete Beckman, Argonne Cloud
Jim Hack, Oak Ridge Cloud
Kathy Yelick, Berkley Cloud

About the workshop:

Modern genomics studies use many high-throughput instruments that generate prodigious amounts of data. For example, a single run on a current sequencing instrument generates up to 17 GB of data, or one-third of a genomics sequence space (current archives of complete genomic data comprise 51 GB). The situation is further complicated by the democratization of sequencing; many small centers can now independently create large sequence data sets. Consequently, the rate of sequence production is growing faster than our ability to analyze the data.

Cloud Computing provides a tantalizing possibility for on-demand access to computing resources. Many computations fall under the "embarassingly parallel" header and should be ideally suied for cloud computing. Hoever, challenging issues remain, inlcuding data transfer and local data availabilty on the cloud nodes.

This workshop will bring together computer scientists, bioinformaticists, and computational biologists to discuss the feasibilty of using cloud computing for sequence analysis.

Details and Call for participation found here.

The agenda can be found here.