Programming Models & Runtime Systems


The Programming Models & Runtime Systems group at Argonne National Laboratory is a subset of the Extreme Computing group in the Mathematics and Computer Science Division.

The group works on a number of research areas including:

  • High-performance MPI implementation
  • Fault Tolerance and Resilience
  • Heterogeneous computing and memory systems
  • Lightweight Communication and Threading Models

MPICH is the flagship project in the group, and is one of the most widely used implementations of MPI in the world.  It forms the basis of various partner MPI implementations including Intel MPI, IBM MPI, Cray MPI, Microsoft MPI, MVAPICH, and various others. Other projects in the group include the Data Movement for Heterogeneous Memory (DMEM) project that deals with improving the usability of non-DRAM based memory regions including byte-addressable NVRAM, scratchpad memory, compute-capable memory, accelerator memory, and various other types of memory. The group is also involved in the Global View Resilience (GVR) project that deals with memory resilience using multi-versioned memory snapshots and cross-layer error information sharing, and the ARGO project that focuses on designing a new Operating and Low-level Runtime System for Exascale.

Details of the various projects the group is involved in are listed here.

The group is supported by funding from the DOE Advanced Scientific Computing Research (ASCR), DOE National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), and National Science Foundation (NSF).

News & Events

  • SC ’18 ( is around the corner and as always, the PMRS team has several events lined up. Drop by and say hi! Tutorials November 12 (Monday) 8:30am – 5pm:  Advanced MPI Programming Pavan Balaji, William Gropp, Torsten Hoefler, and Rajeev Thakur November 11th (Sunday) 8:30am – 5pm: Parallel I/O in Practice Rob Latham, Rob Ross, Brent Welch, Glenn Lockwood Papers November 13th (Tuesday) 4pm – 4:30pm : Lessons Learned from Analyzing Dynamic Promotion for ...
  • SC ’17 ( is around the corner and as always, the PMRS team has several events lined up. Drop by and say hi! Talk to us at the at  Student/Postdoc Career Fair if you’re looking for opportunities. The SC17 Student/Postdoc Career Fair will be on Wednesday (11/15) 10am to 3pm. Please identify your availability with this ...
  • PhD students Shintaro Iwasaki , Rohit Zambre and Sarunya Pumma present their work at the EuroMPI conference 2017. Here are the links to their work: Shintaro Rohit Sarunya Pumma