Two Papers Were Accepted at SC 2014

Congratulations to Judi, Xin and Jim (former postdoc in the group, now at Intel) for driving the following papers that were accepted at SC 2014:

“Nonblocking Epochs in MPI One-Sided Communication”, Judicael Zounmevo, Xin Zhao, Pavan Balaji, William Gropp, and Ahmad Afsahi

“MC-Checker: Detecting Memory Consistency Errors in MPI One-Sided Applications”, Zhezhe Chen, James Dinan, Zhen Tang, Pavan Balaji, Hua Zhong, Jun Wei, Tao Huang, and Feng Qin

Special congratulations to Judi and Xin for having their paper selected as one of the best paper finalists.  The final decisions on the best paper will take place at the conference, taking both the reviews and the presentation into account.

The second paper was something Jim started while he was at Argonne, and pursued it even after he moved to Intel.  It’s great to have that work published.

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