NOTE: The Softenv system is no longer actively maintained. We plan to replace its functionality with the "Environment Modules" project, as this will keep a more constant computing environment across the resources of the CELS sister orginizations, like LCRC and ALCF.


Max Trefonides -- 04-25-2016


soft - dynamically change the environment by adding or deleting keys


This program dynamically changes your software environment. By specifing either add or delete and specifying a keyword, that keyword will be added or deleted from your environment.

NOTE: This manual page only describes basic information for the program titled soft. If you are new to the SoftEnv system, refer to 'man softenv-intro'. For administration details, refer to 'man softenv-admin'. More detailed information about this program can alo be found in those manual pages.


soft add|delete keyword|macro

One of these must be present. It specifies the deletion or addition of a software keyword.

The keyword or macro to delete or add.