Poster Program


Wednesday, 18:15 – 20:00: Poster Reception

Accepted Posters

  • Mutated Near Optimal Vertex Cover Algorithm (NOVCA) Visualization on Tile Display
    Sanjaya Gajurel and Roger Bielefeld
  • GO-Docker: A Cluster System with Docker Containers
    Olivier Sallou and Cyril Monjeaud
  • Peer Comparison of XSEDE and NCAR Publication Data
    Gregor von Laszewski and Fugang Wang
  • Minimizing Data Transmission Latency by Bipartite Graph in MapReduce
    Jie Wei and Shangguang Wang
  • monBench: A Database Performance Benchmark for Cloud Monitoring System
    Xinkui Zhao, Jianwei Yin, Chen Zhi, Pengxiang Lin and Zuoning Chen
  • Energy-aware Job Scheduling and Consolidation Approaches for Workflow in Cloud
    Mustafa Khaleel and Michelle M. Zhu
  • Understanding the Propagation of Error Due to a Silent Data Corruption in a Sparse Matrix Vector Multiply
    Jon Calhoun, Marc Snir, Luke Olson and Maria GarzaranĀ (Best Poster)
  • Development of MapReduce and MPI Programs for Motif Search
    Mejdl Safran, Saad Al-Qahtani, Michelle Zhu and Dunren Che
  • Flexible Error Recovery using Versions in Global View Resilience
    Nan Dun, Hajime Fujita, Aiman Fang, Yan Liu, Andrew Chien, Pavan Balaji, Kamil Iskra, Wesley Bland and Andrew Siegel
  • Network Quality of Service in Docker Containers
    Ayush Dusia, Yang Yang and Michela Taufer
  • Design a Hash-Based Control Mechanism in vSwitch for Software-defined Networking Environment
    Shih-Wen Hsu, Tseng-Yi Chen, Yung-Chun Chang, Han-Chieh Chao and Wei-Kuan Shih
  • Efficient Distributed Data Clustering on Spark
    Li Jia, Li Dongsheng and Zhang Yiming
  • A Cross-ISA Multiprocessor Emulator with Concurrency Detection
    Huang Wang, Chao Wang and Huaping Chen
  • Distributed Modular Monitoring (DiMMon) approach to supercomputer monitoring
    Konstantin Stefanov and Vladimir Voevodin
  • Pallas: an Application-driven Task and Network Simulation Framework
    Yuming Ye, Ziyang Li, Dongsheng Li, Yiming Zhang, Feng Liu and Yuxing Peng
  • Toward Auto-tuned Krylov Basis Computation for Different Sparse Matrix Formats and Interconnects on GPU Clusters
    Langshi Chen and Serge Petiton
  • A Performance Comparison of CUDA Remote GPU Virtualization Frameworks
    Carlos Reano and Federico Silla
  • A Cache Management Scheme for Hiding Garbage Collection Latency in Flash-based Solid State Drives
    Wei Xie and Yong Chen
  • Resource Management Layers for Dynamic CPU Resource Allocation in Containerized cloud environments
    Jose Manuel Monsalve Diaz, Aaron Landwehr and Michela Taufer
  • Performance of the NVIDIA Jetson TK1 in HPC
    Kurt Keville, Umesh Gupta and Yash Ukidave
  • Accelerating Laue Depth Reconstruction Algorithm With CUDA
    Ke Yue, Nicholas Schwarz and Jonathan Tischler
  • A Two-Tiered Approach to I/O Quality of Service in Linux
    Sean McDaniel, Stephen Herbein and Michela Taufer
  • An FPGA-based Accelerator for Neighborhood-based Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Algorithms
    Xiang Ma, Chao Wang, Qi Yu, Xi Li and Xuehai Zhou
  • Highly Scalable Decentralized Parallel Search-Tree Algorithms: the Virtual Topology Approach
    Faisal Abu-Khzam, Amer Mouawad and Karim Jahed
  • Evaluating R-based Big Data Analytic Frameworks
    Mei Liang, Cesar Trejo Godina, Lavanya Muthu, Linh Ngo, Andre Luckow and Amy W Apon (Best UG Poster)
  • Can Cloud Service Get His Family? A Step Towards Service Family Detecting
    Xinkui Zhao, Jianwei Yin, Chen Zhi, Pengxiang Lin and Zuoning Chen
  • Towards Building a Key-Value Store on Parallel File System
    Jiaan Zeng and Beth Plale
  • HRDBMS: A NewSQL Database for Analytics
    Jason Arnold, Boris Glavic and Ioan Raicu
  • GRAPH/Z: A Key-Value Store Based Scalable Graph Processing System
    Tonglin Li, Chaoqi Ma, Jiabao Li, Xiaobing Zhou, Ke Wang, Dongfang Zhao, Iman Sadooghi and Ioan Raicu
  • Evaluating the Support of MTC Applications on Intel Xeon Phi Many-Core Accelerators
    Poornima Nookala, Serapheim Dimitropoulos, Karl Stough and Ioan Raic